About MCCY

MCCY Science Product Manufactory – designed in compliance with the GMP standards – is an ISO 22000, HACCP and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in Macau. Our business includes manufacture, packaging, and sales of health supplements. Our team comprises experienced professionals: pharmacists, Chinese medicine practitioners, food safety controllers, equipment operators and life science specialists. With an in-depth knowledge of clinical diagnostics, pharmacology and traditional Chinese medicine, we provide professional services such as active ingredient analysis, heavy metal test and microbiological test. Besides, we organize delegations to different European, American and Asian countries every year, so as to exchange ideas with other manufacturers, attend exhibitions and purchase quality machines and raw materials.


The quality and safety of products is our top priority. We consider that people’s health is the basis of success and kindness is at the center of everything we do. We have introduced advanced equipment from foreign countries, including high speed mono-/bi-layer tablet compression machine, fully automatic pill counter, sealing and shrink-wrap machine, bottle and blister filling lines for tablets and capsules, central water quality management system, ISO class 8 clean room and QC laboratory. Moreover, our health supplements are produced under rigorous control in accordance with the pharmaceutical standards of GMP, in order to produce safe and quality products.




種遠集團有限公司屬下「種遠科研食品廠」是一間按照國際GMP標準設計的澳門保健 食品廠,ISO 22000HACCPISO 9001國際認證,主要業務是健康食品的生產、包裝和銷售。我們的團隊由具中西藥劑、營養、食品安全、生命科學及機器設備操作等專業背景的資深人才組成,擁有臨床診斷學、藥劑學和中藥學方面的知識,提供產品有效成分分析和重金屬與微生物檢驗等專業服務。此外,本司積極打造「澳門品牌,澳門製造」,務求對產品的質量和衛生安全進行最嚴格的把關,提升大眾的生活素質。


聯繫我們 / Contact us

電話 / Tel: (853) 2872 1349

傳真 / Fax: (853) 2871 7589

電郵 / E-mail: info@mccymo.com

網站 / Website: www.mccymo.com

地址 / Address: 澳門圓台街76號海洋工業中心第1期11樓D

11 Andar D, Ind. Oceano (Bloco 1), N° 76, Rua da Doca dos Holandeses, Macau




China National GeneBank (CNGB), was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of People’s Republic of China, with the mission to collect, preserve and utilize genomic resources, and to build a network fostering global communication and collaboration on biodiversity conservation and genetic resources utilization. Based on the “Storing, Reading and Writing” capacity of genetic information, CNGB has built an integrated infrastructure of “Three banks and Two platforms”. “Three Banks” represents the Biorepository, Bio-informatics Data Center and Living Biobank, while “Two Platforms” includes Digitalization Platform and Synthesis and Editing Platform. CNGB also established a biobank network across China, to provide a better support for omic research and industrial applications. As a member of Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) and International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), it aims to create a supportive platform that encourage the exchange and sharing of data and genetic resources with other databases and biobanks and is open for domestic and international collaborations.



BGI-research is a non-profit institution focusing on multi-omics based research and applications in life sciences, human health and biotechnology. It has the missions to achieve breakthroughs in fundamental researches and become the driving force to lead the development of advancing technologies; to build the omics research capacity and core algorithms for high throughput and low-cost omics data generation and analysis, and support relevant applications in healthcare and agriculture; to plan and carry out big data scientific research projects, achieve scientific milestones and set up industrial standards. Its 16 institutes cover various research domains including future agriculture, marine research, biodiversity, maternal and child healthcare, cancer and precision oncology, health and aging, metagenomics, infection omics, biochemistry engineering, genome synthesis and editing, lab automation, bioinformation, etc. As of February, 2018, BGI-Research has published 2,439 papers, of which 1,994 are SCI papers. Since its establishment, BGI-Research has established cooperative relations with many domestic and international research institutions, and strives to become the pioneer in life science research and biological industries.


Tel : +853 6594 2728
Email : info@snpbr.org

Date:    22-24 August 2018
Venue: University of Macau